Charitable Objectives

The John Lewis Foundation was established in 2007 to benefit communities both within the UK and overseas who produce and source products for John Lewis shops. The objectives of the foundation are to advance general charitable purposes as defined in law, and we seek to do this in a variety of ways; not only through independent ventures, but also by partnering with other organisations where we have a shared vision or interest.

Guiding principle

The current focus of the Foundation is to invest in disadvantaged communities that support the John Lewis business throughout the world, helping them to acquire the relevant skills required for meaningful employment

Our Founder

When our founder John Spedan Lewis set up the Partnership, he was careful to create a governance system.  This was set out in our Constitution, to be both commercial - allowing us to move quickly to stay ahead in a competitive industry, and utilizing democratic principles - giving every Partner a voice in the business they co-own. Our constitution underpins our charitable objectives and has seven guiding principles as well as rules to demonstrate fairness and transparency both to it’s employees (otherwise known as Partners) and those who work alongside the Partnership.  The Partnership aims to be a responsible member of the community, and we favour donating to charities close to the locations where we operate or trade.



What we do

The John Lewis Partnership is a visionary and successful way of doing business, boldly putting the happiness of Partners at the centre of everything it does. It's the embodiment of an ideal, the outcome of nearly a century of endeavour to create a different sort of company, owned by Partners dedicated to serving customers with flair and fairness.

The John Lewis Foundation's aims are embedded in the Partnership's Constitution:



Contributing to the wellbeing of communities where we operate (Principle 7)



Dealing honestly with customers and securing loyalty and trust (Principle 5)



Building relationships with suppliers based on honesty, fairness, courtesy and promptness and ensuring our suppliers respect the wellbeing of their employees, their local communities and the environment (Rule 95)



Taking all reasonable steps to minimise any detrimental effects on the environment and promoting good environmental practices (Rule 108)

Who we are

The John Lewis Foundation was established in 2007, with the primary aim of’ supporting the communities’ where John Lewis’ suppliers operate throughout the world.  Since then it has supported many projects, from a school for girls in India in the region where many of our handmade rugs come from, to supporting cotton farmers in growing more sustainable cotton for John Lewis products and further helping to train young people in the necessary skills to see a revival of the textiles industry within the UK.  

Although, in the past, the Foundation focused most of its support in overseas projects, in 2016, the Trustees decided the time was right to review our strategy, and agreed to focus our support on investing in disadvantaged communities that support the John Lewis business both in the UK and worldwide to acquire the relevant skills required for meaningful employment. We have involved Partners from across the business in deciding how best to spend this money and so far, not only have we received requests directly from good causes and charities, but also through our Partners.


Sean Allam

Chair of Trustees



Registered name: John Lewis Foundation 

Registered office: 171 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5NN 

Registered number: 06058796

Charity number:  1118162