The John Lewis Foundation was established in 2007 and supports projects in the UK and around the world through a targeted grantmaking programme. Our focus is on investing in vulnerable children and young adults to enable access to education and skills to sustain meaningful employment.

Our Founder

Over 100 years ago our Founder, John Spedan Lewis, began an experiment into a better way of doing business by including staff in decision making on how the business would be run.  

He set out the principles for how the Company should operate and produced a written Constitution to help Partners understand their rights and responsibilities as co-owners.

Spedan Lewis wanted to create a way of doing business that was both commercial, allowing it to move quickly and stay ahead in a highly-competitive industry, and democratic, giving every Partner a voice in the business they co-own. This combination, so ahead of its time, continues to make us what we are today.





Our John Lewis Partnership Purpose

Working in partnership for a happier world


Our Partnership is an ongoing experiment to find happier, more trusted ways of doing business, for the benefit of us all. We work together to create a successful business and a fairer, more sustainable future for Partners, customers, suppliers and communities.

Our Partnership is owned entirely in trust by Partners which means we are more than employees; we share knowledge, power and profit.


Our John Lewis Foundation Purpose

The John Lewis Foundation's aims are embedded in the Partnership’s Purpose by investing in vulnerable children and young adults, providing education and skills for meaningful employment



   Focusing on vulnerable children and young adults living in the most disadvantaged communities



Working with communities in the UK and overseas where the John Lewis business operates and sources



Maximising impact by investing in partnerships that catalyse innovative youth employment projects and help bring proven concepts to scale.




Registered name: John Lewis & Partners Foundation 

Registered office: 171 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5NN 

Registered number: Registered in England and Wales (06058796)

Charity number: Registered in England and Wales  (1118162)

Email: trustsandfoundations@johnlewis.co.uk