British Asian Trust

With support from the John Lewis Foundation, the British Asian Trust is exploring the feasibility of an intervention to address forms of child trafficking and bonded labour in Rajasthan

Praxis and Partners in Change were commissioned to undertake a study aimed at measurably reducing child exploitation in targeted sectors and regions of the state. The objectives of the study were to understand and estimate the problem, identify key stakeholders and strategies, and make recommendations for the programme. 

The study recommends a Rajasthan Hotspot that adopts a joined-up approach to eliminating bonded and child labour in the state.  This approach will seek to improve the performance of state and businesses with relevant responsibilites, and support targeted grassroots interventions within the sectors that have the highest concentrations of exploitation and harm to children.

The programme will help large numbers of community-level participants to advocate for fulfilment of rights and entitlements to protect individuals (especially children) from bondage,.  In addition, it will strengthen the ability of each NGO partner to fully address the root causes of bonded and child labour, and to sustain this work.


This article was first published December 19 2016

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