YMCA - Plusone Mentoring

Edinburgh YMCA offers Plusone, an award-winning mentoring programme. The programme provides a direct response to the needs of young people at risk of disengaging with education or being involved in offending behaviour, thereby increasing their potential to gain and maintain employment in the future. The key to the programme is the community-based mentoring approach, utilising volunteers in the role of mentors. 

The mentoring approach addresses issues at an early stage, avoiding escalation and a future of limited employment prospects, poor relationships and harmful behaviours. Engagement and relationship building takes place through supporting access to positive community activities and networks, developing confidence and self-esteem, and working with the young person to reach personal goals in education, wellbeing, behaviour and relationships.

Funding from John Lewis Foundation will support 10 young people to be matched and supported with mentors over the next 12 months. 

This article was first published in September 2018